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Desk.com translation using the Localizer integration

If you'd like to integrate Localizer with your Desk.com platform and enhance customer support even further, you can easily start translating by following the steps below:


1Log in to your Localizer account and click on "Menu" then "Integration".


2Copy the Javascript code in the text box as below.


3Log into your Desk.com dashboard and click on “Channels” at the top of the page.


4Locate the “Web Themes” section under the "Support Center" menu.


5Click on the pencil icon beside the page that you'd like to add the code to.



6Once in the editing menu, click on the "Custom Content" tab.


7Paste the Localizer Javascript code into the text box under the "Page Header Content" heading, then click the "Update" button to complete the integration. You're ready to start translating!