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Translating ZenCart is easy with Localizer

If you use ZenCart to host your online store or business website, you can start translating specific pages and also segment and test your localization features. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to implement Localizer on ZenCart.

Why integrate Localizer and ZenCart?
  • You'll be able to localize specific pages for different audiences, from different locales
  • You'll be able to rapidly test specific landing pages and gauge the audiences' reception to your business and brand in specific markets - before officially launching there
  • Enable on-demand, high-quality translation for your ZenCart eCommerce store
  • Localizer works seamlessly with any ZenCart theme and site structure

Steps to Add Localizer to ZenCart 

If you're using a ZenCart provided or custom theme - you can easily add the Localizer JavaScript Integration code by following the steps below:

1Login to your Localizer account and copy the JavaScript. (Menu > Integration).

2Locate the "tpl_main_page.php" in the folder view of your ZenCart Installation. It should reside at "includes\templates\theme###\common".

3Paste the Localizer JavaScript directly before the </body> tag within this file.
4Save your changes to start translating!