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Configuring the Localizer Site Settings

This option allows you to configure the Localizer Site Settings by changing the domain, adding additional domains, changing Current Language and General Tone of Translations.

Follow the steps below on how to configure/update the Site Settings:


Step 1. 

Hover over the Menu button on top right of the screen, then click on Site Settings in the drop-down menu that appears.


Step 2. 

On the popup screen, you will be given the option to enter the URL of your site, select the language, choose the general tone you would like for your translations.

Domain is where you enter your website domain. Having your website entered here along with the Localizer code is what makes localization possible. Beneath the domain bar, you have the option to add additional domains. This is useful if you have a subdomain, such as a support portal, or a different website you also want to be localized. Be sure to add your Localizer code to these websites as well as entering their domain here.

Current language is where you set your default language. This needs to be correct in order for Machine Translations and Professional Translations to work properly. You can change your current language at any time but it is not recommended as you could lose all your translations.

Select the option from General tone of translations that best suits your website. This will be used by professional translators to localize your phrases in the most appropriate way. The options are Friendly, Informal, Formal and Business.


Step 3. 

Once you're finished with your selections, click the Save button at the bottom of the window to finalize your changes.