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Adding Custom Replace Rules

Custom Replace Rules allow your developers to replace any piece of text or code on your website within minutes.

To add Custom Replace Rules, you must create a new domain for your language in the Localizer dashboard before you can proceed. This can be done by visiting the language settings and clicking on SEO Settings.

Custom Replace Rules are ideal for replacing Google Tracking IDs, allowing you to track the performance of each language domain separately in your Google Analytics dashboard. Just create a new tracking code for each domain in your Google Analytics dashboard and use Localizer's Custom Replace Rules to add the new code to each domain. Custom Replace Rules are available on the server side only.

To add a Custom Replace Rule, simply follow the steps below:


Step 1.

Log into your Localizer account and click on the Batch Translator tab, followed by the Settings option beside your selected language.


Step 2.

On the popup menu, click on the drop-down beside "Custom Replace Rules" and enter your desired rules in the format [Original Text]###[New Text], with each new rule being added to a separate line.

For Google Tracking IDs, enter the existing ID as the original text, then add the new ID as the new text.


Step 3.

Click on the Save button at the bottom right of the popup screen to save your changes.