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How does the 'Team' feature work?

The Team feature allows you to control access to your Localizer account. This way multiple users can direct and edit the translation of your content.

If you are a team administrator, you can easily add other members to your team either as administrators or translators. You can even control which languages they have access to for translating.

Access your team menu on the right drop-down menu.


Add a new member to your team by selecting the new team member option.


From there you can enter their email address, password (you will have to share this with the team member), languages they have access to and assign their role, either translator or admin. Select create and they're ready to get translating.

Adding a team member as an administrator will give them all the same access as you, including payment details and the ability to add and delete team members. Adding a team member as a translator will limit their role to purely translating.

The amount of team members you can add will depend on your Localizer plan.