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Can I permanently exclude text from being translated?

If you'd like to permanently exclude text from being translated, you can do so by following the steps below:


Step 1. 

Navigate to your Batch Translator tab at the top of the page.


Step 2. 

Select Untranslated Phrases from the drop-down bar on the left, then enter your phrase in the text box on the right. Once all pages with your phrase appear, tick the All Matching box and click on the Set Up Automated Task button as below.


Step 3.

In the popup window, select Ignore Phrase and enter the title for your task. You can also tick the box to ignore your phrase for all languages, or just for the language you are currently working in. Once you're done, click the Enable Automation button and this will ignore any matching phrases in existing and future content.


You can also delete an automated task at any time by going to your Automated Tasks screen, which you can find under the Menu tab as below.


In the next screen you can tick the box beside All Tasks to execute a bulk action, or do this individually beside each task that you've got set up. To delete a task, click the bin symbol on the right as below.