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Why am I seeing foreign symbols in my Batch Translator tab?

On rare occasions, some foreign symbols or words may appear in your Batch Translator tab that you can't identify. For example, if your website is in English, your Batch Translator tab might display some Chinese characters under Untranslated Phrases like below:

Why does this happen?

In order for Localizer to index your content, someone needs to first visit your site. Once your site is visited, Localizer can detect all translatable phrases on each visited page and add them to your Batch Translator tab for translation.

If someone visits a page on your website using a third party app, such as a machine translation app, this app may automatically change the page language for the visitor. Even if this page has already been indexed, Localizer will recognize the translated version as new content and add it to your Batch Translator tab.


How can I fix it?

To fix the issue yourself, simply select all phrases that you don't recognize in your Batch Translator tab and click the Ignore button. Please also notify us of the issue and we can then locate and block the app that caused it.

While Localizer is currently working on blocking any major third-party application that can cause this issue, there are some smaller ones that get through from time to time.