Setting up CNAME records for pointing your domain or subdomain to Localizer

Step 1. 

Log into your account on your hosting service's website

Step 2. 

Go to the DNS management page.

Step 3. 

Since CNAME records are special Domain Name Service (DNS) records, they may be in sections like DNS Management or Name Server Management. It's possible that you will have to turn on advanced settings to create a CNAME record.

Step 4. 

Delete existing CNAME entries for the address you want to use with your translated site. You can also choose to simply add a new CNAME entry if this option is available with your hosting service.

Step 5. 

Before entering a new CNAME record to point to Localizer, delete any existing entries for the same alias. If you plan to transfer an existing web address to Localizer, you may want to copy any content currently at that address elsewhere first.

Step 6. 

Use the information in the following table when you create your CNAME record.

If your service requires you to enter server information directly into the DNS tables, the entry below needs to have a type CNAME associated with them.

Host Name/Alias: www

This is the part of your website's address that you designated. For example, if is your address, enter: www.