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Localize your website in just 3 easy steps

  • Launch your website in the Localizer editor
  • Click on the sections that you want to translate – can be text or an image
  • Insert translated and localized content and save
Localizer is a simple and intuitive interface that makes localizing content a breeze.
Works forever with your existing website – all you need to do is copy and paste the code once!

15,000+ Translators Globally and growing...

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Why Localize?

Increase revenue and profits
With over 56% of users preferring in-language as a differentiator over price, increase your conversions without dropping your price through localization.
Increase customer satisfaction
Over 72% of customers prefer to spend time on websites in their own language. Localizing your business enables you to give your customers an additional level of comfort and helps you communicate your brand message with greater clarity.
Jump ahead of the competition
With only 30% of Fortune's 1000 companies fully localized in their service offering, the online localized ecommerce market is ripe for the taking, and a world-ready web presence allows you to reach more customers with your products in their language.
Customize to meet customer preferences
We know that different audiences react differently to messaging thus resulting in different intent and conversion rates, so Localizer enables you to create deep segmentation allowing you to load up customized messaging for each audience segment.
Empower your users, anytime, anywhere
A fully localized presence enables you to interact with your users directly or indirectly around the clock - allowing them to get what they need, on-demand, according to their specific preference and requirement, in their language.
Cheaper and easier to localize
By maintaining your single, existing code base and adding a localization display layer above it, you streamline how your shopping cart or ecommerce website is displayed to the world, removing error potentials and cost to market.

How it works

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