FEATURES - Translating Your Content

Simplified Localization Process

Know the exact cost of localization including full content extraction, indexing and word count. Get everything translated to multiple languages in a few clicks.

DIY and Machine Translation

Intuitive translation management interface for in-house teams. Machine translation to almost any language.

Automated Tasks

Automate the entire translation process, without repetitive tasks. Set up rules and Localizer will detect, translate and publish any new content autonomously.

Visual Editor

Translate, modify or order translations on your actual website with Localizer's intuitive visual editor.


Increase productivity with teamwork. Grant multiple access levels for administrators and in-house translators.

Dashboard and Metrics

Granular breakdown of all translation activity by language, translation type and date range.

Integrated with what you're already using

Works with all major CMS, E-commerce platforms and web frameworks.


Specify how you would like certain words to be translated for different languages for flawless localization.

FEATURES - Serving Your Translated Content

Smart Language Triggers

Show the right language to the right user at the right time based on user-agent, geo-IP or URL regular expressions.

100% Search Engine Friendly

Serve content in a certain language under a different domain or sub domain, with localized meta tags.

Currency Handling

Real-time currency conversion option by language or geo-location.

UX Localization

Create a truly local experience by modifying your design and images for each language.

Search for Translated Content - BETA

Expand your current search function to multiple languages.

Fully Customizable Widgets

Completely customizable language and currency widgets to fit your current website design.