Multilingual Magento

Multilingual Magento

A multilingual Magento store with one line of code

Want to target a global audience with your Magento store? Make it multilingual

Selling online is much easier when your customers can read about your products and services in their own language. Magento is a fantastic eCommerce solution, but you can supercharge it by integrating Localizer and making Magento multilingual. With just a single line of code, add multiple languages to your online store and stay SEO friendly to boot.

What is Magento?

Magento is a customizable eCommerce solution that also provides SEO, marketing and catalog management tools

Why make Magento multilingual?

A multilingual Magento store will target customers on a global scale, while keeping Magento's SEO friendliness across multiple languages

How can Localizer make Magento multilingual?

Needing just a line of code, Localizer makes it super easy to add up to 180 languages to your Magento store

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