Multilingual StatusPage

Multilingual StatusPage

StatusPage in multiple languages almost instantly

Broadcast your status to a global audience with a multilingual StatusPage

If you've got any issues with your website, letting customers know straight off the bat is the crucial to ensure that it doesn't turn into a big problem. StatusPage provides the ability to create specific status pages for such things, but can be made much more effective if each page is multilingual. This means that no matter what language your customer speaks, you can use your multilingual status page to ensure they're kept in the loop at all times.

What is StatusPage?

StatusPage is a platform that allows users to create a status page for specific purposes on their website or application

Why make StatusPage multilingual?

Making your StatusPage multilingual means customers across multiple languages can read your status pages in their native language

How can Localizer make StatusPage multilingual?

Localizer can make your StatusPage multilingual in a few clicks and serve it in up to 180 languages

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