Multilingual Lander

Multilingual Lander

Multilingual Lander landing pages

Want to increase your traffic on a global scale? Make your Lander content multilingual

Landing pages across multiple languages have arrived for Lander. By integrating Lander with Localizer, you can make it multilingual and ensure that any visitors that arrive can see your landing page content in their own language. By having a multilingual Lander platform, you're making the most of every impression and giving visitors your content on their terms.

What is Lander?

Lander is a landing page creation tool that focuses on optimizing conversion rates for users

Why make Lander multilingual?

Lander content in multiple languages will increase your conversion rates as customers are served your content in a way they understand

How can Localizer make Lander multilingual?

With up to 180 languages to choose from, Localizer can make Lander truly multilingual almost instantly

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