Multilingual 1ShoppingCart

Multilingual 1ShoppingCart

1ShoppingCart in multiple languages with one line of code

Put your 1ShoppingCart in the global shop window by making it multilingual

The beauty of running an online store with 1ShoppingCart is that you can target a global audience really easily. But going international with your online business means you'll attract customers that don't speak the language of your online store. Solve this problem by making your 1ShoppingCart store multilingual with Localizer. Add multiple languages in just a few clicks by adding a single line of code to your website.

What is 1ShoppingCart?

1ShoppingCart is an all-in-one eCommerce solution that offers free store templates to all subscribers

Why make 1ShoppingCart multilingual?

Adding multilingual functionality to your 1ShoppingCart eCommerce platform means your online store can serve a new customer base in their native language

How can Localizer make 1ShoppingCart multilingual?

Localizer provides you with the ability to serve your 1ShoppingCart content in up to 180 different languages

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