Multilingual BigCommerce

Multilingual BigCommerce

A multilingual BigCommerce store with a single line of code

Ready to drive your sales through the roof? Make your BigCommerce store multilingual!

Using BigCommerce to build your online store will help grow your business to new levels and reach a bigger audience than ever before. Some of your new audience won't speak your language and this is where having a multilingual BigCommerce store can turn leads into sales. Integrating Localizer with BigCommerce takes just one line of code and can serve your online store in multiple languages almost instantly.

What is BigCommerce?

BigCommerce is an eCommerce solution that offers businesses all the tools they need to set up an online store

Why make BigCommerce multilingual?

Adding multilingual features to your BigCommerce store means your products can be broadcasted to an international customer base

How can Localizer make BigCommerce multilingual?

Simply adding the Localizer integration code puts you just a couple of clicks away from creating a multilingual BigCommerce store

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