Multilingual OpenCart

Multilingual OpenCart

Multilingual OpenCart eCommerce in minutes

Open up your OpenCart store to a global audience by making it multilingual

The customizable nature of OpenCart makes it a perfect platform on which to build your online store. To supercharge it and open up to new, international markets, simply integrate it with Localizer. Using a line of code you can make your OpenCart multilingual and serve it in up to 180 languages. Need a professional translation? Great, because a Localizer integration offers this too.

What is OpenCart?

OpenCart is a fully-customizable, open-source and user-friendly eCommerce platform that businesses can use to sell products online

Why make OpenCart multilingual?

Opening your OpenCart store to multiple languages means you can target an international audience and drive more sales

How can Localizer make OpenCart multilingual?

Serving your OpenCart store in multiple languages is easy with Localizer, with up to 180 languages to choose from

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