Multilingual Unbounce

Multilingual Unbounce

Make your Unbounce landing pages multilingual almost instantly

Want a lower bounce rate? Speak to customers in their own language with multilingual Unbounce landing pages

As the name suggests, Unbounce helps businesses create landing pages that people want to visit and then stay on. However, to be certain of a low bounce rate, make multilingual Unbounce landing pages by integrating Localizer. With one line of code, you can have your content visible across multiple languages and ensure all visitors are served the page in their preferred language.

What is Unbounce?

Unbounce is a drag and drop landing page builder that makes it easy to build landing pages without the aid of a developer

Why make Unbounce multilingual?

Unbounce served in multiple languages will decrease your bounce rates and increase conversions as customers are served your content in a way they understand

How can Localizer make Unbounce multilingual?

Localizer can easily makeyour Unbounce content multilingual. It takes just one line of code and you can add up to 180 languages

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