Multilingual Jimdo

Multilingual Jimdo

A multilingal Jimdo website in just a few clicks

Want a global audience? Make your Jimdo website multilingual with Localizer

Jimdo's unique offering of a holistic website builder and integrated online store can be made even better by making it multilingual. Integrating Localizer with just a single line of code will allow you to add multiple languages and ensure that both your awesome content and online store are displayed in the right language to every visitor.

What is Jimdo?

Jimdo is a website builder that also features an integrated online store function

Why make Jimdo multilingual?

By making your Jimdo website multilingual, you'll improve your sales and traffic by serving your content to users in multiple languages

How can Localizer make Jimdo multilingual?

With 180 languages to choose from and one step integration, Localizer can make your Jimdo website completely multilingual in minutes

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