Multilingual VirtueMart

Multilingual VirtueMart

A multilingual VirtueMart store almost instantly

Turn your VirtueMart online store into an international business by making it multilingual

If you're using Joomla, your missing out if you haven't discovered the VirtueMart plugin, which gives Joomla an excellent shopping cart add-on. Making your VirtueMart shopping cart multilingual will ensure that all of your customers are brought a checkout that speaks their language and avoid unnecessary language barriers. Integrating Localizer with VirtueMart will allow you to add multiple languages in just a few clicks and give it that multilingual capability.

What is VirtueMart?

VirtueMart is an eCommerce plugin designed for the Joomla platform and can be run as a shopping cart or in catalog mode

Why make VirtueMart multilingual?

A multilingual VirtueMart store will target customers on a global scale by serving your content in multiple languages

How can Localizer make VirtueMart multilingual?

Localizer can make your VirtueMart store multilingual and serve it in up to 180 languages with a single line of code

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