Multilingual AngularJS

Multilingual AngularJS

Seamlessly add multiple languages to your AngularJS apps

Add some extra oomph to your AngularJS apps by making them multilingual

AngularJS provides a fantastic platform on which to build dynamic web applications. But you can add even more potential by integrating Localizer with just a single line of code. Localizer will allow you to make your apps multilingual and build them with an international audience in mind. AngularJS gets a whole lot better when you integrate it with Localizer.

What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is a structural framework which can be used to create dynamic web apps

Why make AngularJS multilingual?

Multilingual AngularJS apps will enable your business to target a global user base

How can Localizer make AngularJS multilingual?

Localizer can make serve your AngularJS apps in up to 180 languages with just one line of code

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