Localize Pagewiz

Localize Pagewiz

Your Pagewiz landing pages localized in minutes

Become a landing page wizard by localizing your Pagewiz landing pages

You don't need developer knowledge to create a top quality landing page with Pagewiz. As for making your landing pages suitable for a global audience? Well, you don't need expert knowledge for that either. Localize your Pagewiz landing pages by integrating Localizer with a single line of code. You'll be ready to add multiple languages in no time.

What is Pagewiz?

Pagewiz is a landing page generator that allows users to create, customize and optimize their landing pages with no developer knowledge

Why localize Pagewiz?

Localized Pagewiz pages will increase traffic and reduce bounce rates as your visitors are served your content in their native tongue

How can Localizer localize Pagewiz?

Your Pagewiz landing pages can be entirely localized in just a few minutes with Localizer's super easy integration

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