Localize Landingi

Localize Landingi

Create localized Landingi landing pages almost instantly

Generate more leads with Landingi by localizing your landing pages

By using Landingi, you'll be able to focus on building landing pages that are designed to turn traffic into conversions. Integrate Landingi with Localizer will drive conversions even further by localizing your landing pages. With one line of code, Localizer can be easily integrated and give you the ability to add multiple languages that ensures your Landingi pages are served in the right language to the right person.

What is Landingi?

Landingi is a drag and drop landing page generator, designed to build conversion-focused landing pages

Why localize Landingi?

Localizing your Landingi landing pages will increase your traffic and improve conversion rates as customers are served your content in their native tongue

How can Localizer localize Landingi?

Localized Landingi pages with Localizer takes just a few clicks and one line of code

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