Translate Zendesk

Translate Zendesk

A localized Zendesk with one line of code

Achieve perfect Zen with a localized Zendesk customer support

For a business with global aspirations, translating your website is an absolute must. Integrate Localizer with your Zendesk to ensure your customers are given the support they need in their native language. Translated customer support agents can also benefit as they'll be able to take advantage of the streamlined Zendesk platform in any language they want. Localizer does the heavy lifting to give your Zendesk the international edge it needs.

What is Zendesk?

Zendesk is a cloud-based customer support platform that allows businesses and customers to communicate quicker

Why translate Zendesk?

A translated Zendesk will give your business even better customer support by serving customers in a way they understand

How can Localizer translate Zendesk?

Using Localizer, your Zendesk support platform will be fully translated in only a few clicks

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