Translate Backbone.js

Translate Backbone.js

Your Backbone.js apps localized in minutes

Give your Backbone.js apps global appeal by localizing them with Localizer

Backbone.js provides a great framework to build client-side web applications. But you can get even more from the platform by adding just a single line of code to your apps and integrating Localizer. Once integrated, Localizer will provide you with the ability to translate your apps and target a customer base across multiple languages.

What is Backbone.js?

Backbone.js is a JavaScript library that allows users to develop and structure client side apps that run in a web browser

Why translate Backbone.js?

Translated Backbone.js apps will enable your business to target more users across multiple languages

How can Localizer translate Backbone.js?

Localizer can fully translate Backbone.js apps and serve them in up to 180 languages almost instantly

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