Translate OpenCart

Translate OpenCart

Localize your OpenCart store in minutes

Open up your OpenCart store to a global audience by localizing it

The customizable nature of OpenCart makes it a perfect platform on which to build your online store. To supercharge it and open up to new, international markets, simply integrate it with Localizer. Using a line of code you can translate your OpenCart and serve it in up to 180 languages. Go global with a translated OpenCart platform.

What is OpenCart?

OpenCart is a fully-customizable, open-source and user-friendly eCommerce platform that businesses can use to sell products online

Why translate OpenCart?

A fully translated OpenCart store will allow your business to target an international audience and drive more sales

How can Localizer translate OpenCart?

Having a translated OpenCart store is easy with Localizer, with simple integration and 180 languages to choose from

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