Multilingual ucraft

Multilingual ucraft

Easy ucraft websites made multilingual

Make your ucraft website multilingual and reach out to a global audience

Ucraft takes the hassle out of building your own website, making it easy to create a great site in no time. By integrating ucraft with Localizer, you'll be able to make your website multilingual using just a single line of code. After that, all it takes is a few clicks for you to add up to 180 different languages to drive traffic on a global scale.

What is ucraft?

ucraft is a website builder that turns your ideas into online realities

Why make ucraft multilingual?

By making your ucraft multilingual, you can expand your visitors on global scale

How can Localizer help make ucraft multilingual?

Your ucraft website can be served in up to 180 languages with one line of code using Localizer

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