Multilingual Virb

Multilingual Virb

Multilingual Virb websites with a few clicks

Give your Virb website the boost it deserves by making it multilingual

The vast number of themes on offer with Virb means you're never stuck for options when you want to build a website. Once you've got your template picked and your site ready, simply add a single line of code to make it multilingual with Localizer. Add up to 180 different languages in just a few clicks and go global with your Virb website.

What is Virb?

Virb is a simple website building solution with which you can create beautiful websites using a vast collection of themes

Why make Virb multilingual?

Your Virb website made multilingual gives you the ability to drive traffic on a global scale

How can Localizer help make Virb multilingual?

Localizer can serve your Virb website in up to 180 languages with a few clicks

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