Localize LightCMS

Localize LightCMS

A fantastic LightCMS website localized easily

Localizing your LightCMS website is a great way to attract more users

LightCMS is super-customizable and allows users to build great websites easily and without developer knowledge. To make your LightCMS website even better, integrate it with Localizer and localize it. All you need to do is add the Localizer code to get started on targeting an international audience.

What is LightCMS?

LightCMS allows users to easily create fantastic websites with highly customizable templates and intuitive tools

Why localize LightCMS?

Localizing your LightCMS website will give it a global edge and drive international traffic

How can you localize LightCMS?

Localizer can localize your LightCMS website using just a single line of code

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