Translate Movable Type

Translate Movable Type

Have a translated Movable Type website in no time

Speak to the world with a translated Movable Type website

With Localizer, you can translate your entire Movable Type blog to whatever language you want in no more than a few clicks. Add our custom code to the backend of your website, then wait for Localizer to index your phrases. Pick the ones you want to translate, or select all at once, then click to order a translation. It's that easy.

What is Movable Type?

Movable Type is a blogging and static publishing platform designed to make website management an easy and efficient task.

Why translate Movable Type?

A translated Movable Type blog will open your site up to a global audience

How can Localizer translate Movable Type ?

Your Movable Type blog can be translated using just a single line of code with Localizer

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