Localize Site123

Localize Site123

Fast localization of your Site123 website

Localizing your Site123 website is the first step in going global

Attracting international traffic to your Site123 website is only a couple of clicks away when you integrate it with Localizer. Simply install the Localizer integration on your website, then wait for Localizer to start indexing your content. Once your content is indexed, you can localize it for up to 180 languages.

What is Site123?

Site123 allows users to create a website using ready-made styles and layouts without needing design or coding skills.

Why localize Site123?

A localized Site123 website will open up new markets on a global scale

How can I localize Site123 with Localizer?

Localizing your Site123 website is only a few clicks and a line of code away with Localizer

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