Localize Flavors.me

Localize Flavors.me

Localize your Flavors.me homepage in a few clicks

Make anyone feel at home by localizing your Flavors.me homepage

Localizing your Flavors.me homepage can be made even better with Localizer. Show your homepage to the right person, in the right language and at the right time by adding the Localizer code to the backend of your Flavors.me website. In just a few clicks, you'll be able to speak to the world.

What is Flavors.me?

Flavors.meprovides elegant, easy-to-customize personal homepages, created using content from other services around the web.

Why localize Flavors.me?

Localizing your Flavors.me homepage will attract more traffic on a global scale

How can I localize Flavors.me with Localizer?

Using Localizer means you only need one line of code to localize your Flavors.me homepage

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