Make Breezi Multilingual

Make Breezi Multilingual

Make your Breezi website multilingual with ease

Make your Breezi site multilingual and go global

Making your Breezi website multilingual is an absolute breeze when you use Localizer. Simply drop one piece of code into the backend of your website and you'll have the power to add multiple languages instantly. You don't need to be a language guru to make your Breezi website multilingual with Localizer.

What is Breezi?

Breeziis the website design application for beginners. It is a great tool for those who maybe don't have the coding ability to produce a site that looks like they would hope.

Why make Breezi multilingual?

With a multilingual Breezi website, you unlock the door to global customers

How can Localizer make Breezi multilingual?

A multilingual Breezi site takes only one line of code with Localizer

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