Make Sitey Multilingual

Make Sitey Multilingual

Your Sitey website made multilingual

A multilingual Sitey website will drive traffic on a global scale

Driving traffic on a global scale to your Sitey website is easy to achieve when you make your existing and new content multilingual with Localizer. Simply install Localizer with one line of code and in just a few clicks, you can make your entire Sitey website multilingual for up to 180 different languages.

What is Sitey?

Siteyis an easy-to-use service that anyone can use to get a good looking website online! Simply choose a template to start building your website on, choose a domain name and get an online presence within minutes.

Why make Sitey multilingual?

A multilingual Sitey website will allow you to target specific users according to their native language

How can Localizer make Sitey multilingual?

Make your Sitey website multilingual and serve it in up to 180 different languages with Localizer

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