Make WebEden Multilingual

Make WebEden Multilingual

Take only a few moments to make your WebEden website multilingual

A multilingual WebEden site will drive traffic and increase conversions on a global scale

WebEden makes building a website easier than ever. Combined with Localizer, you can make your entire WebEden website multilingual in just a few minutes. Add up to 180 languages by copying and pasting the Localizer code into the backend of your admin panel, then let Localizer index your content.

What is WebEden?

WebEdenis the website builder that helps you create your own website in just a few minutes.

Why make WebEden multilingual?

You're opening your site to a host of new, international markets when you make your WebEden content multilingual

How can Localizer make WebEden multilingual?

With a Localizer integration, WebEden websites can be made multilingual and served in up to 180 languages

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