Make OnePager Multilingual

Make OnePager Multilingual

A multilingual OnePager website takes a only a few moments

Put your OnePager site on the world map by making it multilingual

Turn your OnePager small business site into a global one by making it multilingual with Localizer. Once you copy and paste the custom Localizer code to the backend of your site, all it takes is a couple of clicks to add up to 180 different languages to your OnePager site almost instantly.

What is OnePager?

TheOnePager website builderis the easiest way to build a small business website. OnePager allow you to quickly edit everything on the fly.

Why make OnePager multilingual?

Your OnePager site will be a hit on a global scale when you make it multilingual

How can Localizer make OnePager multilingual?

Making your OnePager content multilingual can be done with a single line of code using Localizer

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