Make WolfCMS Multilingual

Make WolfCMS Multilingual

Make your WolfCMS website multilingual almost instantly

Target global traffic by localizing your WolfCMS website

Drive more international traffic to your WolfCMS website with a Localizer integration. Simply add our custom code, then make your content multilingual in a few easy clicks. With up to 180 languages to choose from, making your entire WolfCMS website multilingual has never been easier.

What is WolfCMS?

WolfCMSis a free, PHP-based content management system designed to help users build websites.

Why make WolfCMS multilingual?

Making your WolfCMS website multilingual will give it more visibility in search engines across multiple languages

How can Localizer make WolfCMS multilingual?

Localizer can make your WolfCMS content multilingual and serve it in up to 180 different languages

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