Making your multilingual is easy

Wish you had a multilingual Localizer's got you! by Salesforce is a fantastic customer support platform for small businesses, but by integrating Localizer you can speak to your customers across multiple languages on a global scale. Localizer makes your content multilingual by translating and serving it in up to 180 different languages. Speak to your customers in whatever language they prefer and ensure they're always given the support they need, in a way that they can understand. Grow your business by turning into a multilingual customer support platform with Localizer.

What is

Desk is a holistic customer support application, powered by Salesforce

Why make multilingual?

By making multilingual, you'll ensure customers from anywhere in the world are taken care of in their native language

How can Localizer make multilingual?

With Localizer, you can add up to 180 languages to your platform almost instantly

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