Translate your Website in minutes

Localizer is extremely easy to use. We were able to open up to three new markets and our sales increased by 42% within the first 90 days. Also it has been great for SEO.Jaime M. - Petbucket

Localize your website in 3 easy steps

  • INTEGRATEInsert a single line of code into your header
  • TRANSLATEOrder a professional or machine translation of your whole website with a single click
  • PUBLISHLocalizer will publish your website in multiple languages

Compatible With Every Website

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Translation & Localization

Superior Translation

Easily translate your entire website in just a few clicks, or set it up so future content is automatically translated as you release it. Use machine translation to complete a job in seconds, or use credits to automatically hire expert translators from The Gengo Network, and guarantee context-specific translation that will set your business apart.

Built For Business

Localizing your website is a low hanging fruit. With Localizer, you can increase your ROI without spending a dime on a new marketing campaign. Each translation of your site is a website unto itself, and gets it's own spot on your URL's subdomain. CSS and meta data are also translated, making each translated site SEO and user friendly. Numbers can be handled dynamically to support your shopping cart if you are using one. Even images can be localized with ease.

Effortless Execution

Localizer works with ANY website. It's tablet and mobile friendly, comes with a fully customizable widget, and installs with just a single line of code. You can set up content filters and in-house teams in a few clicks, and manage everything in your own native language using our beautiful and intuitive visual editor. You can even use detailed metrics to track the progress of your localization campaigns.

Customers in Context

When you communicate in the context of culture, you reduce bounce rates, raise customer satisfaction, and prevent embarrassing horror stories. With Localizer, you can easily create language triggers based on the geographical location of your website visitors, and even ensure different cultures and regions see unique content just for them.