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Localization and ‘Premiumization’ to Drive Success

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Oftentimes within many businesses, website localization is viewed as an expense instead of an investment. This is a view that comes from short-term thinking, rather than analyzing the long-term benefits of localizing your website. One of the most effective ways to help stakeholders overcome this stigma is to initially focus on localizing smaller portions of the highest value content on your site. This can help prove the value of localization faster and get those reluctant stakeholders on board earlier in the process.

Linking the localization efforts to profit-driving areas of the business, as well as positioning it to increase value during customer journeys, are both 
keys to success here. Local customers must use the localized, premium content for it to drive traffic and conversions on your website. The challenge here is localizing the content appropriately, while adding enough personalization to go above and beyond what the customer normally expects.This ‘premiumization’ of localized content requires a step up in the quality of the content itself, making it more exclusive and actionable than ever before.

Business leaders often consider website localization as something of an afterthought, an activity that brings little value to the overall picture and takes minimum time to complete. To drive home the importance and complexity of localization, it must be planned, managed and budgeted to reflect exactly how much is involved in the process. Only then will business leaders begin to comprehend what it can do to enhance the global prospects of their website. Proper management of the localization process will enable businesses to push their localized content out to the right audiences and reduce the need for customers to find you first.

To this end, the rise of digital has coincided with the need to bring the right content, to the right customer at the right time. Localizing and personalizing your content for customers on an individual level will better engage customers by being bringing higher relevance to their specific preferences. Premium, localized content such as this can greatly enhance the customer experience, driving repeat visits from more engaged customers and adding more trust and brand awareness for the business.

Starting out by localizing your highest quality adds a level of ‘premiumization’ that delivers customer experiences that are more meaningful and impressive. It gives the impression that content has been created by local people, for local people. A ‘quality over quantity’ approach can give customers a better impression over a shorter period of time, than if the entire website was localized poorly. Furthermore, once the value of localization has been initially proved by ‘premiumization’ of content, business leaders will be easier brought around to the idea of completely localizing their website, as well as better grasping the complexity involved.


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