How Localizer can save a plateauing business

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Depending on demand, at one point or another, it is common for an online business to reach their peak performance in their native land. From there they can branch out into countries where they speak the same language only to find themselves with the same problem years later.


While it is a good problem to have, it certainly presents a challenge.


Translation companies can help, but can often do not suit the budget and time restraints of many online businesses. Additionally, if you need to update your website or have a regular stream of new content, you have to start the process all over again.


It’s for these reasons most online businesses do not pursue localization.


Now here’s the salesy bit: Localizer can be managed by a team of one, provides high-quality translations in under 48 hours, has price packages to suit all budgets, requires no coding knowledge and as mentioned before, can save a plateauing business.




Simply, by making your business accessible to more people.


For example, let’s say an Australian based e-commerce site have hit their peak performance in Australia and have had limited success in other English speaking markets. It might seem that their only opportunity for growth is to expand their business offering but there is no need for such drastic changes.


By Localizing their website they are able to present the same offering to a whole new audience without any of the hassle associated with a traditional translation service.


After reviewing website analytics and/or performing market research, it becomes clear which market should be targeted next. From there, they are able to select a language and translate their website in as little as three clicks.


With 56% of users preferring their own language over price as a differentiator and 72% of customers preferring to browse in their own language, it’s clear Localization is a real benefit for the customer.


Likewise, the benefits are abundant for the website owner with Localization increasing dwell time, unique visitors and sales. A whole new audience is available to you without having to make any major changes.


Localization doesn’t just make things easier for your global audience, it creates new opportunities for businesses all around the world. If you or someone you know has a website that is losing traction, maybe it’s time to speak to the world with Localizer.



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