Why Google translate is not enough for your website

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At Localizer, we get asked about Google translate a lot.


“Wait a minute, isn’t that just Google Translate? You’re joking, right? Why on Earth would I pay a service to translate my website when I can get a robot to do it for free? This is the worst idea I’ve ever heard! You should give up!”


We’re used to hearing it by now, we have an answer ready to go.


Google translates words, not context.


Sounds a bit simple, but it can make a huge difference. While they have their uses, machine translation services like Google Translate do not pick up on context, tone of voice or cultural nuances, leaving some margin for error.


For example, here are the phrase from before, translated into Pashto then back into English:


“Wait a minute, is not it Google Translator? Do you have a right? Why will the land give you the translation of my website when I get the money for this free? This is my worst view that I have heard! You should leave!”


Simpler phrases can be translated well, but things such as tone of voice, context or colloquialisms can often get filtered out.


If your website has a unique tone of voice and a lot to say, Google translate is not enough to effectively serve your message to an overseas audience and could even include small but costly mistakes.


This is where professional translation comes in.


Professional translation puts the human element into it by using, well, humans! Your text is sent to a member of our team of 18,000 professional translators who localize your content retaining tone of voice, context and SEO capability.


As an added advantage, you can provide instructions to your professional translator about tone of voice, words to avoid and any additional information they may need, ensuring that your message is perfectly localized to your global audience.


Due to being cheap and quick, machine translation is effective when translating first drafts or any text that does not contain tone of voice or context, such as glossaries or indexes.


For any long-form text that is rich with tone (professional, playful etc.) we recommend our professional translation service to keep your website identity thriving around the world.


It may not stop the questions we get about Google Translate, but it will stop your message from getting lost in translation.



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