Five signs your website needs to be Localized

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We’ve discussed the benefits of localizing many times before (spoiler alert: there are lots!) but this week we’d like to discuss the signs that localization might be the right move for your website.


1. Overseas traffic.

Are you noticing some overseas visits when reviewing your website analytics?


These overseas visits have the potential to become lifelong customers and generate further leads; it would be a shame to miss out on this opportunity. With 72% of customers preferring to spend time on a website featuring their native language, localizing your website will give this audience more reason to visit your website with improved service for them and higher results for you.

2. Plateauing business.

As an online business takes off, after years of thriving it becomes common for traffic to stop improving and simply plateau. At this point, there are many options the business owner can choose: spend big on marketing, increase their offering or employ new salespeople and fire the old ones.


However, they can save time and money by localizing their website and presenting their offering to a whole new market they have not yet interacted with. If your website has made it big in one market, you’re only three clicks away from localizing your website and growing your awareness and revenue.


3. Slim margins.

In certain markets, it’s becoming increasingly common that the lifetime value of a customer is lower than the cost to acquire them. As this will never be viable, action must be taken and while cost-cutting is advisable it is not the only option.


Certain markets have a much higher ROI and the best way to interact with them is by speaking their language (literally) with Localizer.


By launching in countries with a cheaper advertising spend and less competition, you help boost your bottom line, keeping your business afloat while you refocus your efforts.


4. Lower conversions.

Are you noticing a drop off on your online cart for people who aren’t English first language? There are many reasons why this happens, but language can be a big factor in this.


42% of online shoppers refuse to shop on an online store that isn’t in their language. By reviewing your analytics and seeing where your non-English speaking traffic is coming from, you can pick the right language to localize your content to and improve your total conversions.


5. Your competition is going global.

If your competitors are going global, it’s a likely sign that there’s something in it for you to do the same. Perhaps the home market is saturated, or maybe they have noticed signs 1 - 4 and are taking preemptive action.


Either way, you can’t let them have all the glory, can you?


Do your research and determine whether you want to compete with them in the same market, or carve yourself out in an area where they are lacking.


And as a bonus...

6. You have an appetite for world domination.

If you’ve got more than a few markets in your sights you’re going to want to rely on more than Google Translate to serve your content to the world.


With professional content available in 42 languages Localizer is the best way to serve your message to the world you plan on taking by storm.



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