3 types of website translation you need to know about

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Translating your website with Localizer is extremely easy and you don't need to be an I.T. guru to do it. But before you go all gung ho and start translating your content, you need to understand the types of translation at your disposal. Not all translations are equal and it’s important that you can tell the difference between them before deciding which one you need. Below is a quick overview of each one.

1. D.I.Y. Translation
We give you the tools and your in-house experts use them.

  • No cost of translation on the platform as you’re doing it all yourself
  • Good for translating small pieces of content

  • Slowest form of translation (we can do it faster, I assure you!)
  • You need experts in-house to do it properly
  • Additional man hours will most likely result in spending more than if you opted for another translation type

2. Machine Translation
Provides a straight translation of your content from one language to the other.

  • Translates your content instantly
  • The cheapest translation option available outside of D.I.Y.
  • Good to use if you’re in a hurry

  • Direct nature of translation sometimes results in confusing content
  • Lack of human input means no context is accounted for

3. Professional Translation
Provides a translation from a professional translator and accounts for more than just a straight translation.

  • The best translation available
  • Gives you access to over 18,000 professional translators
  • Provides context to your content to keep it relevant
  • Search engine friendly
  • No chance of confusing your visitors

  • None - this is the best quality translation you can get

We always recommend using a professional translation when you can as this gives you the best possible outcome and makes sure you reap the full benefits of localizing your website. If you’re not sure what your budget allows, check out our pricing plans for a better idea of what we can offer. You can always contact us for customized plans and pricing, so don’t be shy!

Already picked out a translation? Take a look at our post on how to translate your content in three clicks.

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