How good is Localizer's human translation?

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We get asked all the time about the different types of translation Localizer caters for, but the question we get asked the most is around our human translation service:

“How good is your human translation?”

The answer is pretty straightforward – really good! So how do we make sure it stays that way? In a nutshell, Localizer ensures that your content is given as much attention as it needs from a dedicated professional translator, providing you with the best quality translation that retains its context and SEO friendliness. Here’s how it works:
1. Set your instructions
First, you add custom instructions for our translators to make sure every translation meets your exact requirements. This includes the general tone of voice of your content, the type of audience you usually target, topics you write about regularly and also any words you want to be excluded from your translations.

2. Place your order
Once your instructions are in place, you simply order your translations. You can choose to translate your entire website or select specific pages and pieces of content. Ordering a human translation with Localizer is super easy and can be done in just three clicks.

3. Order assignment
Your order is then passed onto our translation partner network, who organizes all the pages of your website into a single job. Our partners have over 18,000 professional translators to choose from and your job is passed onto the translator that best suits your needs. This means that there is only one task to complete for your dedicated translator, making the process clean and efficient.

4. Content translation
Your dedicated translator goes through your list of instructions and begins translating your content according to your requirements. Unlike a machine translation, a human translator can keep your content in perfect context and ensure it's also SEO friendly, so your customers can find you in that language.

During the entire process, you’ll have constant communication with your translator via a two-way comments system. This feedback loop allows you to request changes if there is any part of your translation that you’d like to be tweaked, or provide updated instructions if needed.
That’s it!
Every human translation is tailored to suit your exact requirements, guaranteeing a quality, SEO friendly and in-context result every time. A human translation is extremely fast and will take no more than two days to complete no matter how big your website is, but is typically done in about two hours!


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